2022 Summer Trending Jewelry

Jun 05, 2022

Four style jewelry model picture with words “2022 Summer Trending Jewelry”.

Summer is upon us, and your jewel treasures have more opportunities to show their charm. Whether it's shopping for new jewelry or bringing an antique back to life, today we're bringing you new inspiration for what's trending. To keep abreast of more fashion trends, please subscribe to us.


#1 The Story of Circle

Hoop earrings have always had an important place in the earrings, and now their proportions are expanding even further.

Women in black wear gold coin hoop earrings.

Wishing Coins Gold Asymmetrical Huggie Earrings. Both the gold coin and chain pendants can be removed. The sheer gold ear hoops are unadorned and a must-have in your wardrobe.


Three different color pearl hoop earrings on a brown leather.

Seven pearl earrings. End-to-end pearls make a marvelous hoop earring. Abundant pearl color, add mysterious atmosphere to your outlook. Each pearl comes in a different shape, which means each earring is unique.


One pearl drop from earrings with gold chain. A zircon hoop earrings accompany with it.

Guardian Angel Asymmetric Pearl Hoop Earrings. Huge exaggerated gold earrings pavé with delicately cut zirconia, giving you a dazzling light day and night. Slender pearl pendants are perfect for trimming your shoulders and neck.


#2 Chains Again

Men or women, chains are no longer exclusive to a particular group or style. The wild and unruly chain holds people's eyes firmly when worn it solo. When paired with pendants or pearl necklaces, there is a subtle harmony among them.

Women in white wear black stone gold chain bracelet and matched gold ring.

Black Stone Gold Chain Bracelet. The two styles of chains are skillfully combined, and a black stone gives this bracelet a natural style.


Wishing coins clip chain necklace stack with pearl necklaces.

Wishing Coins Clip Chain Necklace. Perfect for stacking fashion. One side of the gold plated pendant is the Queen's head, and the other side inlaids a small zircon with lucky words, which means you can wear it on both sides.


#3 Put on Rainbow

A small one can light up the whole outfit.

Smile face colorful beaded bracelet on women's wrist.

Smile Face Colorful Beaded Bracelet. Small silver beads are interleaved with colorful acrylic beads, adding cute color without being cluttered. 


Women wears colorful pearl necklace.

Colorful Pearl Necklace. Random placement and a variety of beads, natural and casual are the best words to describe it. A trendy fashion item and a versatile stack company.


#4 Gorgeous Helix

More is more. Stop letting your piercings sit idle and give them some chance to shine.

butterfly chain helix earrings

Butterfly Double Helix Earrings. Let them dance in pairs by your ears. One butterfly is studded with diamonds, and one butterfly is sterling silver, just like the various butterflies in the flowers. 


Triangle hoop earrings set
Triangle Hoop Earrings Set. The solid gold septum collection combines high quality with exotic, wild tribal style and cleanliness modern western style. Together they create a daring yet delicate look.


#5 Vintage Green

In ancient Roman times, emeralds were the gems of Venus. People associate it with beauty, love and spring. If you were born in May, there is no doubt that you need to add an emerald jewel to your jewelry collection as soon as possible. Wearing your birthstone is a wonderful idea because it gives your jewelry a personal meaning.

Gold Green Huggie Hoop Earrings.

Gold Green Huggie Hoop Earrings. Understated green gemstone spacers set against chunky earrings lend effortless modern appeal to these huggie hoop earrings.


emerald band pendant necklace on women neck

Emerald Band Necklace. A whole piece of rectangular emerald is wrapped in gold, dignified and generous. Show off to everyone that this is your month.


Crystal Emerald Ring and White Crystal Rings on women's finger.

Crystal Emerald Ring. Alternating clear crystals and emeralds neatly set on an 18k yellow gold ring. The slender, sparkling look is perfect for pairing with your other jewelry.


#6 Back to nature

Using natural materials (wood, shells, stones) makes your dress "alive". Everything can be your finishing touch.

Rattan Drop Earrings on a thin hemp rope.


Rattan Drop Earrings. The addition of leather makes rattan earrings full of modernity. Contrasting colors and huge rattan earrings give a strong impact on people.


Women wear shell pearl necklace.


Shell Pearl Necklace. A gift from the sea, brought to you by this necklace. The golden chain adds a different color and metallic texture to this natural necklace, giving this natural a classic appearance coupled with a fashion-forward look.