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Apr 09, 2022

silver rings on table

Before marriage or engagement, many people may have only a vague definition of how a ring should be worn, or some people may not care about it at all. Like a lot of people wear multiple rings just to complete a stylish look.

We firmly believe that people should be themselves as they please, including wearing rings at will. This article will briefly introduce you to the more popular wearing methods in the world, in order to provide references or answer your questions.

 Gold silver signet ring

Wearing on the thumb - ego, spontaneity; looking for a lover

Wearing on the index finger - already having a lover; wanting to get married but not yet married.

Wearing on the middle finger - in love, engaged

Wearing on the ring finger - engaged or married

Wearing on the little finger - to indicate singleness or divorce or determination to be single

Gold ring with black stone

Rings worn on different fingers can reflect the psychological meaning related to personality.

Those who like to wear it on the index finger are more stubborn;

Those who like to wear it on the right middle finger, have psychological balance and an objective attitude;

Those who like to wear it on the left middle finger have a sense of responsibility and attach importance to the family;

Those who like to wear it on the ring finger are easy-going and don't care about gains and losses.

wedding ring rimmoto

There's an interesting explanation for why a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger.

Now give this a try...

1. Make this gesture as shown in the picture;

two middle finger met together gesture rimmoto
2. Separate your thumb, index finger, ring finger, and little finger in order.

    Thumb, index and little fingers are easy to separate, right? No matter how hard the ring finger tries, they won't separate. So wearing the ring on your ring finger means that you and your lover will be together forever and won't be easily separated.