100 Q&A for Jewelry - Continuous Update

Jul 27, 2022

Women wear gold bracelets and gold rings.

About Bracelets


1. What is a pixiu bracelet?

Pixiu is a ferocious auspicious beast recorded in ancient Chinese books and folk myths. Ancient Chinese feng shui scholars believed that the Pixiu was a lucky beast that turned disaster into auspiciousness. From ancient times to the present, from the emperor to the common people, they have paid great attention to the collection and wearing of the Pixiu. It is said that the Pixiu not only has the functions of good luck and warding off evil spirits, but also has the functions of stabilizing the house, and promoting marriage. Most people wear Pixiu bracelets to attract wealth. Because the Pixiu can swallow all things and never leak them, it has the meaning of eating the wealth of the four directions.

 Crystal pixiu bracelet.

2. How to wear pixiu bracelet?
(1) Wearing the Pixiu bracelet should be worn on the left hand. It should be noted that the head of the Pixiu should not be facing you. It needs to face outward, towards the little finger.
(2) When wearing a Pixiu bracelet with a watch, it is best to wear the watch on the right hand, because the eyes and mouth of the Pixiu cannot be covered.
(3) When wearing the Pixiu bracelet, do not let the Pixiu get blood, the blood will contaminate the spiritual power of the Pixiu. If it is stained with blood, washed with water immediately.
When the Pixiu bracelet is not worn, it is best to put it in the jewelry box.

 Pink crystal pixiu bracelet.


3. What's the difference between a bangle and a bracelet?

Bangles are generally rigid, ring-shaped wrist jewelry. Usually made of gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous metals, plastics, and many other precious and non-precious materials. And the traditional bangle is a closed circular and does not have a clasp. The bracelets are flexible pieces made from multiple materials and are usually closed by kinds of clasps.


4. Can i sleep with my crystal bracelet?

It depends on the crystal you are wearing. Crystals with psychic, energy-enhancing, high-vibration effects, as well as the third eye chakras and crown chakras are generally not recommended. Such as black tourmaline, citrine, labradorite, Amazonite, and obsidian. Recommended crystals that help sleep include moonstone, amethyst, nitrite, and lapis lazuli.

A herkimer diamond bracelet.


5. Can i take my evil eye bracelet off to sleep?

Of course! Actually, you have to take it off when you sleep and shower. Because doing so is considered unlucky, and wearing it while bathing may reduce its resistance to malice. This will reduce damage to the evil eye bracelet and keep it shiny.


6. Can i wear my magnetic bracelet in the shower?

You can’t shower with the magnetic bracelet, it will make the bracelet rust!


7. How to take off jade bracelet?

Method 1 - Lubricant

Use soapy water or hand cream to evenly coat wrists and hands to reduce drag. Squeeze your fingers as close together as possible and pull the bracelet with the other hand to take it off.

Method 2 - Plastic Bag

Choose a thinner plastic bag. After sticking your hand into the plastic bag, pass the plastic bag between your wrist and the jade bracelet. Squeeze your fingers and turn slightly to remove the bracelet.

If the above two methods are still difficult, you can put your hands in cold water for a few minutes before proceeding. With the help of the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction and the above method, you can take off the jade bracelet. The most important thing is to do it on a soft cushion (sofa, bed) when operating to avoid breaking it when it falls off.


8. How to clean a silver charm bracelet?
(1) Silver Cleaning Cloth

    When buying silver jewelry, a silver cleaning cloth is usually sent. Use it to wipe the silver charm bracelet and it will clean and shine like before. When using the silver cloth, be sure to wipe it gently, do not use brute force or it will damage the pattern of the silver charms. Do not wash the silver cloth after use, because there are polishing powder and decontamination ingredients on it. It will lose its effect after washing, and it is no different from ordinary cloth.

    (2) Toothpaste

      Dab toothpaste with a soft toothbrush and brush gently back and forth across the surface of the silver charm bracelet. This method is useful for textured silver jewelry. After brushing, rinse with clean water and then dry with a cotton cloth.

      (3) Silver cleaner

        Immerse the silver bracelet in the silver cleaner for no more than 10 seconds each time before rinsing with clean water. Due to the corrosive nature of the chemicals in silver cleaner, it is harmful to silver jewelry. Therefore, it is recommended not to use silver washing water for the same piece more than 2 times. Method 1 or 2 is your first choice.

        Cuban chain pearl bracelet.
        9. Should men wear bracelets?

          Men can wear bracelets. Bracelets are not exclusive jewelry for women. No jewelry is specific to one gender.


          10. Are tennis bracelets unisex?

            Yes. Thanks to its minimalist design, it can be worked well regardless of gender. And whether it is worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, it is very trendy.


            11. Can men wear charm bracelets?

              Yes! Wear the bracelet you love to wear. It's just a little addition to your outfits.

               Black stone silver bracelet for man.


              12. how to bead a bracelet with elastic?
              You can watch this video to learn how to make a elastic bead bracelet.
              13. How to hide knots on beaded bracelet?
              You can pull the string to pull the knot into the larger beads. If your rope is not easy to pull or can't pull, you can thread the last two beads again then tie the knot. This way you will get a relatively inconspicuous small knot but solid.
              14. How to make chain bracelets at home?
              More DIY tutorials are in this link on YouTube.  
              15. How to tie a knot for bracelet?
              If you want to make a pearl bracelet, you can watch this video to learn.



              About Brooches


              1. How to wear brooches?

                Brooches are the most versatile accessory I know of. It can be worn not only on clothes but also on bags, hats, scarves, and shoes. You can even use them to make a necklace or hairpin!

                When worn on clothing, you can wear them on the lapel of a suit or jacket; at the neckline; or as a closure such as a shawl.


                2. What side do ladies wear brooches?

                  It will be worn on the left side traditionally, so it is recommended to stick it on the left side on formal occasions. But as an accessory, the brooch can be placed anywhere to complete your stylish wear.

                   Women wear a mother of pearl butterfly brooch.

                  3. How to store brooches?

                    You can buy a compartmentalized jewelry organizer to store your brooches, preferably with a lid to keep them from oxidizing.


                    4. Can you wear a brooch on an airplane?

                      Yes! You can wear it or transport it in checked baggage.


                      5. Are brooches fashionable?

                        Of course! A classic never goes out of style.

                         Women green brooch.

                        6. Can men wear brooches?

                          Yes. The brooch can effectively enhance people's temperament. Show your elegance and gentleness.


                          7. How to wear a brooch without damaging clothes?

                            In the case of brooches with pins, you cannot avoid wearing them without puncturing your clothing. When wearing a brooch, you can place a small piece of fabric in the same color as the cloth on the inside of your cloth. Thread through the clothing and fabric at the same time so that the brooch is held in place and the holes are kept as small as possible. If you haven't bought a brooch yet, I suggest you try buying a magnetic brooch. They don't need to puncture to wear, and won't ruin clothes.


                            8. How to wear brooch men?

                              First, pick one brooch to fit your cloth. Usually men’s brooches won’t be exaggerated and colorful. A simple solid color brooch is your go-to. An extra touch of colored gemstones will light up your entire outfit. In addition, the brooch with chain elements is also a good choice to highlight the character of a gentleman.

                              Second, how to wear a brooch? Add it to the left lapel of your suit or jacket; Add it to the left chest of the clothes or neckline.

                               Man wear suit with star brooch.

                              About Earrings


                              1. Can you put a fake earring in a new piercing?

                                It's best not to put a fake earring on your new piercing. A new puncture is an open wound, and over the next few days, the body's immune system triggers inflammation and swelling to heal the wound. Choosing Surgical stainless steel earrings is your first choice. Wait until the inflammation in your ears is gone before choosing other earrings.


                                2. Can you wear earrings without pierced ears?

                                  Yes! You can buy clip-on earrings directly. If your favorite earrings still need to be pierced, you can buy ear Clip-on earrings converters!


                                  3. Does sterling silver earrings turn green?

                                    Sterling silver earrings do not turn green. If your sterling silver earrings turn green, they are not sterling silver. They may be silver-plated copper(or brass). When the coating wears off a little, the copper turns green due to oxidation. But sterling silver earrings do change color. They will oxidize and turn black after being placed or worn for a period of time, mostly due to chemical reactions with sulfur. But don't worry, you can remove the stain by simply wiping them with a silver cleaning cloth or brushing them with toothpaste.


                                    Butterfly helix silver earrings.

                                    4. How to clean diamond earring studs?

                                      (1) If you want to clean diamond earrings studs effortlessly at home, soapy water is undoubtedly your best choice. Prepare a small bowl with warm water and dish soap. Soak for 20-40 minutes depending on the degree of soiling, then take a very soft brush and lightly brush the surface. After rinsing with clean water, dry with a cotton cloth. If there are still stains in the crevices, you can try rinsing with a dental irrigator.

                                      (2) Thorough cleaning requires a professional diamond cleaner. Just follow the manual.

                                      Remember not to use bleach or powdered cleaners, which can damage your diamond studs.


                                      5. How long does it take earring holes to close?

                                        If the newly pierced ear piercing does not have earrings, it will close in about 5-7 days; If the ear piercing has been pierced for a long time, 3-6 months without earrings the ear piercing may also be closed.

                                        Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the newly pierced ear piercing should be worn every day for six months to prevent the piercing from healing; if the pierced ear has a tendency to heal, It is recommended to wear earrings more frequently to avoid the ear piercing being closed.

                                         Women wear flower stud earrings.

                                        6. How soon after piercing can you change earrings?

                                          Recovery after the piercing is a process that takes about 3-4 weeks. If you want to replace the earrings, you can do it after 1 week. It is recommended to wear precious metal ear studs, such as sterling silver or pure gold products, otherwise allergic reactions may occur, resulting in symptoms such as pain and repeated pus. And do not let the water into the wound after piercing; the diet should also be light, do not eat spicy and seafood food.


                                          7. How to make pearl stud earrings at home?
                                          A simple but cute flower pearl stud you can learn from this video.

                                          8. How to shine silver earrings?
                                          If you don’t want to damage your silver earrings and want easy to clean it. You can try these two ways.
                                          (1) Use silver cleaning cloth to clean your silver earrings.
                                          (2) Use toothpaste and a soft brush to clean the surface of silver earrings, then rinse with clean water and dry with a cotton cloth.

                                          9. What metal is hypoallergenic for earrings?
                                          Surgical stainless steel, sterling silver, gold are good for the sensitive earrings.

                                          10. Can you sleep with sterling silver earrings?
                                          Yes. The sterling silver earrings are hypoallergenic, if your earrings are not big they have no problem wearing when you sleep.


                                          About Jewelry


                                          1. What does 325 mean on jewelry?

                                          If it's not a number that the buyer has engraved on purpose, it's denoting a certain metal content of your jewelry. If it is silver jewelry, it means that the silver content of this jewelry is 32.5%. If it is gold jewelry, it means that the gold content of the jewelry is 32.5%.


                                          2. What does 14k inv mean on jewelry?

                                          14k gold refers to gold with a gold content of 58.5%. It is essentially gold of relatively low purity. The whole body is the same color and will not fade.


                                          3. What does rj mean on jewelry?

                                          It means Registered Jeweler.


                                          4. What does jc mean on jewelry?

                                          There is no corresponding meaning in the standard jewelry abbreviations. This abbreviation may represent the initials of the maker, or it may be the abbreviation of the jewelry company.


                                          5. What does 526 mean on gold jewelry?

                                          This means that the gold content of this gold jewelry is 52.6%.


                                          6. What does 915 stamped on jewelry mean?

                                          91.5% gold content. Also means 22k gold.


                                          7. Is gold filled jewelry hypoallergenic?

                                          No, it is not hypoallergenic. Although it is coated in hypoallergenic gold on the outside, over time the base metal inside will be exposed, causing damage to sensitive skin.